Roger Stone on his Way to NJ

PolitickerNJ is reporting that veteran GOP strategist Roger Stone will be the guest speaker at an April 16 fundraiser for Essex County Republican Chairman Kevin O’Toole. Stone is a fascinating and colorful figure who has played a role in GOP politics for decades. But I believe he has gone over the line by creating an anti-Hillary Clinton committee named Citizens United Not Timid. Why choose a name with such a crude acronym? “Truth is, we sat around for hours trying to come up with words for BITCH and just couldn’t do it,” Stone told The Weekly Standard.

O’Toole has a reputation as a bright and articulate legislator, who earns respect on both sides of the aisle. He can earn some more by putting some distance between himself and Mr. Stone.

5 thoughts on “Roger Stone on his Way to NJ

  1. Anonymous

    Take a very close look at Hillary Clinton. look very closely. Unlike most pols who mince words ,Stone has hit this one on the head. That’s why Stone is entertaining, He has the balls to say what others only think. I hear that Stone is gonna keep his organization in tact even when Hillary loses- in case Christie Todd ” My sh*t dont stink” Whitman decides to run for office again.

  2. Anonymous

    Stone pushed Tom Kean Sr. ahead of Jim Florio for Governor in 1981.
    Stone got Christy Whitman thru the primary only to be replaced by Ed “we supressed the Black Vote’ Rollins- a total buffoon.

    O’toole should ignore your advice-he could end up as Governor.

  3. Anonymous

    New Jersey Republicans are so out-numbered that it will take creativity, skill and new thinking to win statewide again.

    Stone took Spitzer down at the same time destroying the fundraising plans for the NY Sen Dems.
    Instead of offering the voters homogenized turds like Bobby Franks maybe Stone can take Corzine out too

  4. Anonymous

    You liberals are funny- you love free speech- as long as it’s yours.

    This guy Stone tells the truth about Hilary Clinton and you all go ape-shit!

    I went to his site and bought 2 t-shirts from the link on your site!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know about Senator Kevin O’Tooles fundraiser with Rodger Stone as a guest speaker- I’m buying 2 tickets!


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