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The Art of Spin: Then, Now & What Lies Ahead

In Hardball, the book that bears the name of his MSNBC television program, Chris Matthews recounts a classic tale of spin from the 1984 Democratic primary.

At the time, Walter Mondale was losing momentum to Gary Hart. As Super Tuesday approached, Mondale’s candidacy was in serious jeopardy, especially because he was in danger of losing Georgia. Since Mondale had been vice president during the Carter Administration, a defeat in Carter’s home state would be viewed as a defeat nationally. Continue reading

Public Opinion: Painting It by Numbers

Given the dismal state of New Jersey’s fiscal condition, the numbers confronting Governor Christie as he prepares his first state budget can be disheartening.

But a different set of numbers – numbers from public opinion polls – may offer some comfort at he struggles to close a massive deficit and balance the state budget.

A Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll showed Continue reading