Monthly Archives: April 2010

We All Love A Ruckus, But Where Does It Get Us?

“TV loves a ruckus.”

That’s what President Obama declared last summer when news coverage of town hall meetings on health care focused on protests, shouting and angry crowds instead of the substance of the issue at hand.

The President’s observation was correct. TV does in fact love a ruckus. So do most media outlets. Conflict is news. It’s also what people watch and what they read. TV loves a ruckus because we love one too. Continue reading

Can New Jersey Spark Change in American Journalism?

A little over 35 years ago, in an article about a young artist’s performance as the opening act at a small New England theater, Jon Landau of The Real Paper declared, “I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.”

Landau’s prophetic words about New Jersey’s Bruce Springsteen also come to mind on a much different topic – journalism. Continue reading

Politics, Sports and Redemption

The list of public figures who have fallen from grace is a long one. The list of those who have successfully returned to the limelight is much shorter.

This week with Tiger Woods, we witnessed an extremely high-profile case of a public figure taking steps to repair his reputation and put his troubles behind him. Continue reading