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Playing Ball with Chris Christie

Although he continues to garner positive national publicity that fuels speculation about his future, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie already has squelched rumors that he may run for president in 2012.

“I was elected to be Governor of New Jersey for the next four years,” he told reporters on April 28. “I will be Governor of New Jersey for the next four years. And I have absolutely no interest in running for president of the United States. None. Zero interest. Zero. None. Close the door. No chance. No way. Under no circumstances.”

With just four months of experience running a state, it clearly is too early to be making plans to move on to the next level. Even Sarah Palin put in more time than that before she left the Alaska State House to focus on 2012.

But there is one job opportunity that New Jersey’s new Governor might not be able to pass up should it come his way. Continue reading

Upon Further Review, Benefits of NJ Super Bowl May be Over-Stated

With great fanfare earlier this month, the New Meadowlands Stadium submitted a bid to the NFL to host Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

“Hosting the Super Bowl in the New York/New Jersey area will not only place the game of football on the largest stage it’s ever seen, but the positive economic impact for the region will be substantial,” Woody Johnson, Chairman and CEO of the New York Jets, said after the bid was submitted on Wednesday. “Studies have shown that the economic benefit would exceed $550 million, providing a major boost to this area on many levels.”

Johnson’s comments about the economic benefits of the big game were echoed by other leading figures from the world of sports, as well as state lawmakers promoting New Jersey’s efforts to host the contest. In addition, most news accounts of the bid submission reported that the host committee is projecting that a local Super Bowl will generate $550million for the region. Likewise, a Senate resolution supporting the proposal promises that “the economic benefits of a Super Bowl in this state would be substantial, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity.”

But you may not want to count that money too soon. Continue reading