Despite Cutbacks, Newspapers Still Important in NJ

Although politicians – nationwide and in New Jersey – often are quick to dismiss and criticize the media, they are just as quick to use news reports when the opportunity arises to score points.

Both Governor Christie and his Democratic counterparts are fond of posting news releases and sending out emails containing headlines, clips and links to favorable stories.

And in his State of the State address this week, as part of his argument that New Jersey is better today than when he took office a year ago, Christie used newspaper reports from to make his point


“Some were beginning to write off New Jersey, doubting we could change what the newspapers called our ‘old, hide-bound ways.’ Back then, the state’s largest newspaper opined: ‘taxes are too high as it is…’ Another paper put it simply: ‘New Jersey must change course.’”


“Those same newspapers who thought we were in deep trouble are now telling a different story. One said, we have taken ‘the first step in a very new direction.’ Another now says: ‘New Jersey is setting a national example.’”

Nice to see that despite the cutbacks and layoffs that have devastated the state’s newspapers over the past few years (including Gannett’s recent decision to cut its newsroom staff in half at three of its New Jersey publications), newspapers continue to have importance for the Governor and other New Jersey leaders.

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