Presentation to Focus on Governor’s Use of Internet

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continued to attract national attention this week by making headlines with a speech at American Enterprise Institute and gaining an unsolicited endorsement from Ann Coulter, but he also was the subject of some news north of the border.

The Popular Culture Association of Canada on Wednesday accepted my proposal for a presentation that will focus on Christie’s use of the Internet. I will be making the presentation, Can the Internet be as Effective for Governing as it has been for Campaigning?, in May at the association’s inaugural conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I hope to answer questions about the role of the Internet in government and politics, such as: Is it a more valuable tool for challengers than incumbents? Put another way, is the Internet less suited for governing than campaigning?

I believe Governor Christie’s actions may provide the answers to some of these questions. Since taking office, he has made effective use of the Internet, particularly YouTube, to not only maintain his popularity, but also to emerge as a national figure.

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