An Unlikely Trio Sets Rules for the Press

What do Chris Christie, Beyonce and Alex Rodriguez have in common?

Aside from being public figures, all three are telling journalists what they can and cannot do.

Christie’s press staff makes it a practice to pick and choose the public events at which the Governor will be available to take questions from reporters.

Beyonce took a similar attitude with the media when she came to New Jersey last week to shoot a music video at a South Brunswick trailer park. According to a news report, journalists who showed up to cover the shoot were asked to leave.

As for A-Rod, the Yankee third baseman spoke with the press about rehabbing knee, but declined to answer questions about allegations he had taken part in illegal poker games. In fact, reporters were warned that Rodriquez would end the press conference if a non-baseball question was asked.

This pattern is troubling. Public figures should not be able to set rules for the media, but journalists today often are between a rock and hard place. If they don’t agree to conditions imposed by those they cover, they risk losing access and getting beat by their competitors.

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