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Has technology altered our sense of community?

(co-authored with Anne Wojtaszek Lee)

The advent and growth of the Internet have made it possible for news organizations of all sizes to extend their coverage areas and reach audiences all over the world. But advances in technology also may have altered our concept of community because the Internet has eliminated geographic barriers of communication.

Research we are conducting at St. Bonaventure University is aimed at determining whether our sense of community is shifting away from traditional geographic-based communities and turning toward topic- and interest-based communities formed around subjects such as sports, theater and public policy.

The research involves The Convergence, an online news site staffed by St. Bonaventure journalism students who cover communities near the university. In a small survey, we asked participants to indicate what link on The Convergence homepage they were most likely to click first. Links to topics such as news, opinion, entertainment and sports were selected Continue reading