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Poll shows New Yorkers favor Yankees over Mets

By Richard Lee

When it comes to politics, New Yorkers mirror national patterns, differing on most public policy issues.

But when the topic is baseball, the state’s residents are in agreement.

According to a March 28 Siena Research Institute poll, nearly twice as many respondents (40%) identified as Yankees fans than Mets fans (21%). Seven percent were fans of other teams, and 29% were not fans of any team.

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Radio: April Fools’ Day

For his April 1, 2022, radio show, Jandoli Institute Executive Director Richard Lee played songs inspired by April Fools’ Day. Lee was joined in the studio by St. Bonaventure University Lenna visiting professor Mark Sickles.

Lee’s show streams live on Fridays at 1 p.m. on the WSBU livestream site.

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