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Strange Bedfellows

Today’s revelation that a computer hacker had broken into Sarah Palin’s personal email account could have some interesting repercussions in New Jersey.

Supporters of the Republican vice-presidential candidate contend that this represents an invasion of privacy, but others have no problem with disclosure of the emails since several of them apparently were about official government business in Alaska. This latter argument sounds surprisingly similar to the case being made by New Jersey Republicans, who are in court attempting to have some of the Democratic governor’s email made public.

If the Palin emails continue to be an issue, could the NJ Republicans back off their case — at least until after election day — for fear of sending conflicting messages to the public during what most likely will be an extremely clse presidential election?

Blame It On the Stones (and the Media)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is blaming the press for making her look bad in last week’s Democratic debate, and here in New Jersey State Senate candidate Seema Singh is whining that the unfair coverage from the media has damaged her chances of winning election. Now CWA 1035 President Carla Katz is ripping into the Star-Ledger’s Josh Margolin in a blog posting that has generated more than 50 responses, almost all of them anti-press.

Reminds me of Blame It On the Stones, an old Kris Kristofferson song in which the Rolling Stones took the fall for just about all of society’s ills.

Blame it on the stones; blame it on the stones
You’ll feel so much better knowing you dont stand alone
Join the accusation; same the bleeding nation
Get it off your shoulders; blame it on the stones