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A Family Affair?

Near the end of Saturday’s Rutgers-Navy football game, Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel took a swing at one of his teammates. Afterward, Scarlet Knights coach Greg Schiano and the players characterized the incident as “a family matter.”

That’s all well and good. From all indications, it was an unfortunate incident that resulted from the frustration of losing a third consecutive game. But when an incident takes place in front of 37,000 people during a televised football game, it is a public matter.

Perhaps, the Scarlet Knights are taking lessons from politicians who use their families to score political points, but cry “foul” and “off-limits” when the press raises legitimate questions about those same family members.


Censorship at the Olympics

Journalists covering the 2008 Olympics will not have access to websites considered sensitive by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games (BOGOG), such as the website for Amnesty International, which has been critical of China’s policies on human rights. Compounding the issue is the fact that the ban runs counter to promises BOGOG had made about providing the media with the same freedom as had been provided at previous Olympics.

“I regret that it now appears BOCOG has announced that there will be limitations on website access during Games time,” Kevan Gosper, a spokesman for the International Olympic Committee told reporters.

Keeping controversial arrangements secret is nothing new for New Jerseyans these days. As reported by the Star-Ledger, Rutgers University agreed to a secret deal that will allow head football coach Greg Schiano to break his contract without penalty if the school failed to complete a major expansion of its football stadium by 2009.