Understanding the Tough Times at The Buffalo News Can Lead to Brighter Future for the Newspaper

Given the fiscal state of the news industry, the changes underway at The Buffalo News are not unique. To offset revenue losses, newspapers across the nation have bid farewell to longtime reporters, eliminated once-popular sections and removed jobs that involved covering important beats, such as education, the environment and transportation.

What makes the situation at The Buffalo News different is timing. Continue reading–


Are Kelly Riddell and the media actually on the same page?

Both Democrats and Republicans have condemned White House staffer Kelly Riddell’s suggestion that Sen. John McCain’s opposition to a Trump nominee did not matter because McCain was dying.

Riddell’s comments were inappropriate and insensitive, but she may have really just verbalized a sentiment that extends beyond politics: When people grow old, their value to businesses and organizations diminishes, so there is little incentive or need to gain their support. Continue reading

How would ‘The Boss’ fare as a political candidate?

30689258_10216563108814814_7529971465467199488_nBruce Springsteen has sold millions of albums and performed to capacity crowds at stadiums that seat tens of thousands of fans.

But how would “The Boss” fare as a political candidate?

I will explore that question on Saturday in a presentation at Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town: An International Symposium. The four-day conference will begin Thursday and run through Sunday at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, N.J. more

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One NCAA memory that will last…

best_crop_21193ca76864baf5c9fd_360a82452x1When I walked past the Bonaventure bookstore yesterday, I saw something unusual.

Along with the students, faculty and usual customers were some families from the area looking to buy their young children a Bona shirt or other souvenir from the basketball team’s historic season.

Sports are about winning and losing; that’s why we keep score. But they also about much more. That’s why the expressions I saw on those kids’ faces in the bookstore will stay with me much longer than the score of last night’s game

Grammy Awards May Provide More Accurate ‘State of the Union’

banner.defaultThe best way to gauge the state of the nation may not come in the formal address President Donald Trump delivers to Congress on Jan. 30.

A better measure may arrive two days earlier at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Awards shows tend to be liberal, anti-establishment affairs, and this year’s Grammys are likely to offer more of the same. But it just won’t be the ceremony that tells us the state of the union. Instead it is the nominees for Best Record of the Year that will paint a picture nation’s mood. These are the songs that are selling hundreds of thousands of copies. That means their messages resonate with Americans. Why else would the mass populace have purchased these recordings in such great volume? Continue reading

The Secret to a Positive Outlook in 2018: Stay Local

With each new year, the annual ritual of making resolutions brings promises, goals and hope for a brighter future.

In 2018, the key to that brighter future may lie in spending less time debating divisive political issues, reading troubling stories about sexual improprieties in the workplace and worrying about national economic trends that are beyond our control. more

Don’t Read Too Much into the Results of Alabama’s Senate Election

In baseball, momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher. At least that’s how the Baltimore Orioles’ Hall of Fame Manager Earl Weaver once described the term.

Weaver’s words also provide solid advice for how we should view the results of Tuesday’s U.S. Senate race in Alabama. more