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Public Figures Have Yet to Learn an Important Lesson about their Personal Lives

Seven years ago today, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey made international news when he announced that he was gay, had engaged in an extramarital affair and was resigning as the state’s chief executive.

Since then, it seems that America’s politicians have been playing a game of Can You Top This?

Can Christie Learn A Lesson from the Weiner Debacle?

Chris Christie will never be confused for Anthony Weiner, but there’s an important lesson that New Jersey’s outspoken governor can learn from the New York congressman’s embarrassing Twitter debacle.

No, the lesson is not to refrain from posting inappropriate photos on the Internet. That one is obvious. It has more to do with personality and style.

Like Christie, Weiner is known for being brash and evoking strong, sometimes vitriolic, responses from his opponents. So when he got himself into trouble, few colleagues came to his defense. He became a punching bag for pundits and a punch line for talk show hosts, and now his political future is in jeopardy.

Chris Christie is smart enough to avoid the many pratfalls that Weiner encountered. However, if the Governor has larger political ambitions beyond New Jersey, it would behoove him to keep in mind that when you make enemies, they will be quick to pile on and do their best to bury you — if and when an opportunity arises to do so.

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