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American Idol, Steven Tyler and English 101

News that Steven Tyler, the lead singer for Aerosmith, is in line to be a judge on Fox’s American Idol next season is bringing back memories of my brief encounter with the flamboyant entertainer back in 1983.

At the time, I was a music editor for The Aquarian Weekly, and Aerosmith was coming to New Jersey to play a concert at the Meadowlands. A few weeks before the concert, the band’s publicist called and asked if we could do a cover story about the group and have it appear the week before the show. I said we could do it, but we had to have an interview with Tyler because he was the leader of the group and the most outspoken and well-known member of the band. The publicist agreed and promised to set up the interview. But as our deadline approached, the interview had yet to be scheduled. Continue reading