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Five PR Lessons from ‘Born to Run’

If you are wondering why Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run album is back in heavy rotation on the radio, the explanation is simple. The Boss’s landmark LP was released 40 years ago this week.

Born to Run is a piece of rock and roll history. The album’s tracks have stood the test of time and remain among the highlights of Springsteen’s live performances. The record also helped turn Springsteen from a popular regional act into a superstar.

Aside from the music, the LP and the campaign to promote it – provide several important lessons for today’s public relations and marketing professionals.

1. Don’t cut costs

Columbia Records invested $250,000 in a promotional campaign for the album – a small sum by today’s standards, but Continue reading

The Boss, the Gov, Jon Stewart and a ‘Stranger in the Night’

Three Jersey guys were in the national spotlight last night.

Gov. Chris Christie took part in the Republican presidential debate on the Fox News Channel, and his spirited exchange with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul was one of the most talked about moments of the evening.

On Comedy Central, Jerseyan Jon Stewart signed off after 16 years of comedy and commentary as host of The Daily Show.

bruceWhen it came time to end that final episode, Stewart turned the stage over to the Garden State’s biggest rock star – Bruce Springsteen, who once again showed why he is known as The Boss.

Springsteen’s energetic performance left an indelible mark on the evening that will last longer than Christie’s spat with Rand or any of the entertaining and touching segments of Stewart’s final program.

And it may not be long before New Jersey garners such national attention again. Another entertainer who rose to the top of the music industry and influenced American culture was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, on December 12, 1915. The posthumous celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday surely will extend beyond the borders of the Garden State.

Think about it: Chris Christie, Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen and Old Blue Eyes. How is that for some real strangers in the night?

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Who’s the most ‘Jersey Guy’ in Town?

With Chris Christie up for re-election on Tuesday, I’ll be updating my study on Who’s the Real Jersey Guy: Chris Christie or Bruce Springsteen?

My wife Anne Lee will join me in making the presentation on Thursday at the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA) conference in Atlantic City.

A short description of our talk is on the MAPACA website, and a 2010 version of the study still is posted on the Hall Institute of Public Policy – New Jersey website.

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Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ Turns 30

Bruce Springsteen already was a superstar when he released Nebraska 30 years ago today. Three decades later, that sparse acoustic album helps to explain not only why Springsteen remains a superstar today, but also why he is more popular and influential than ever.

When Springsteen wrote and recorded the 10 tracks on Nebraska in 1982, he was riding high with the success of his first five studio albums and easily could have carried in the vein of the popular sounds from those records. Instead, he chose to do a barebones album of bleak songs about killers, death and economic despair. Not exactly the Bruce Springsteen people knew from upbeat tunes such as “Rosalita,” “Prove It All Night,” and Hungry Heart.”

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‘Glory Days’ Are Back Again

I was glad to learn that there will be a third installment of Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen Symposium. The event, best described as an academic conference on Springsteen’s life and work, will return to Monmouth University next year from September 14 to 16.

I had the honor of presenting a paper at Glory Days in 2009, and I hope to take part in next year’s symposium.