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Can We Stop Our Political Campaigns from Degenerating?

When New Jersey’s 2009 campaign for Governor comes to a close on Tuesday night, one candidate will bask in the glory of victory. The state’s reputation, however, won’t be as lucky. Once again, the level of discourse in a New Jersey political campaign has gone so low that pundits around the nation are chastising the Garden State. Continue reading


Just What Does $340,000 Buy You These Days?

By raising more than $340,000 for his independent campaign for governor, Chris Daggett has qualified for public matching funds, as well as the right to participate in two official debates this fall.

Just what else will result from having met the $340,000 threshold is not so clear.

Does it give Daggett a realistic opportunity to compete with the two major party candidates? Will his candidacy take votes away from Continue reading