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Do Our Leaders Need a Time Out?

When children’s behavior crosses the line from playful to rambunctious or even dangerous, parents place them in Time Outs. The action is designed to end – at least temporarily – the offending behavior. It also gives children time to ponder the repercussions of their actions.

After following the back-and-forth that took place this week between the Governor and a State Legislator, we now can make a good case for placing some of New Jersey’s leaders in Time Outs. Although healthy debates are an essential component of democracy, the exchanges we witnessed this week simply are unacceptable. Continue reading

The Fisher King, the Rolling Stones and What They Tell Us about an American Tragedy

In the opening scenes of the 1991 movie The Fisher King, a radio talk show host named Jack Lucas tells a caller that the clientele in a popular New York nightspot are repulsed by everything America stands for and that they “must be stopped before it’s too late.”

Later that night, the caller goes to the nightspot with a shotgun, kills seven people, and then turns the gun on himself. Lucas then becomes so devastated about the unintended consequences of his words that he attempts to take his own life.

The Fisher King is a work of fiction, but there are interesting parallels to the tragic events that unfolded in Arizona last weekend. There also are parallels in Continue reading