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The Murdoch Scandal: Is There A Double Standard?

The job of a journalist is to report the news, but occasionally journalists become the news.

We saw this in New Jersey recently when the state’s decision to transfer operations of New Jersey Network to WNET became a major news story. In fact, over the past 10 to 15 years, the business side of the industry often has been in the news as cutbacks, layoffs and ownership consolidation changed the landscape of journalism in America. At other times, conflicts with authority have made for good copy, such as Continue reading

Media Makes for Strange Bedfellows

There’s not a lot of agreement between Democrats and Republicans in Trenton, Washington or anyplace else these days, but thanks to the media, some political opponents have found common ground. Among those calling for a federal investigation into the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal are high profile lawmakers from both major political parties such as Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Peter King. It seems like Democrats don’t like Republicans; Republicans don’t like Dems, and neither party cares much for the media.