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Grammy Awards May Provide More Accurate ‘State of the Union’

banner.defaultThe best way to gauge the state of the nation may not come in the formal address President Donald Trump delivers to Congress on Jan. 30.

A better measure may arrive two days earlier at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Awards shows tend to be liberal, anti-establishment affairs, and this year’s Grammys are likely to offer more of the same. But it just won’t be the ceremony that tells us the state of the union. Instead it is the nominees for Best Record of the Year that will paint a picture nation’s mood. These are the songs that are selling hundreds of thousands of copies. That means their messages resonate with Americans. Why else would the mass populace have purchased these recordings in such great volume? Continue reading


Will 2015’s State of the Union set a precedent?

If you want to know what President Barack Obama will discuss in his 2015 State of the Union speech, there is no need to wait until Tuesday when he delivers his annual message to Congress and the American people.

The president already has begun traveling around the nation to promote the initiatives he will outline next week. Among them are proposals for free community college, more affordable housing and stronger cyber security.

By pushing his agenda before the speech, Obama is reversing the usual sequence of events that accompany State of the Union addresses, as well as similar annual reports from governors, mayors and other public figures. For years, the norm has been to unveil an array of public policy proposals in the speech and then go out on the road to promote them.

Why the change? Continue reading

Is Obama Returning to His Old Playbook?

During his successful campaign for President in 2008, Barack Obama used the internet with great innovation and creativity. He may have lost some of that momentum during his first two years in office, but his administration is bringing back his old playbook – and adding some new twists – for tonight’s State of the Union address. Here’s what is taking place: Continue reading

Christie Was Right to Pass on SOTU Response

Governor Christie made a smart move by declining overtures from Republican leaders that he deliver the GOP’s official response to the president’s State of the Union address tonight.

On the surface, the decision appears out-of-character for Christie, who has built a strong following among Republicans across the nation. Delivering the GOP rebuttal tonight would have given him national exposure on every major television network.

But the rebuttal is not as high profile an event as one may think. Continue reading

State of the Union

I liken the speech to a boxing match. President Obama is like a boxer who has been taking punches – and not landing many of his own – during the first few rounds of the fight. During his first year in office, he struggled with major issues such as health care, as well as embarrassing incidents like the couple who crashed a White House dinner. With the State of the Union speech, he started fighting back. He called out both political parties, the news media and even the Supreme Court. The President didn’t deliver a knockout blow, but he made it clear that the fight is far from over and that, as the nation’s chief executive, he is in charge.