Exploring a challenge that confronts journalism educators

As professors who co-edit an online hyperlocal news site, Anne Le and I face a dilemma when students file stories that need additional work to be publishable,” the Lees wrote in their conference proposal.

Our journalistic instinct (and the demands of today’s 24/7 news cycle) is to do the needed editing and post the story as quickly as possible, but from a pedagogical perspective, we recognize the value in taking time to work with students so they make needed revisions and learn from them – even if the result is the story runs a day or more later than we would have preferred.

Anne and I reached out to several journalism and communication educators, as well as working journalists, to learn if they have encountered similar dilemmas – and how they have addressed them.

We presented our findings at the New York State Communications Assiociation Conference. More details are here.

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