Is Obama Returning to His Old Playbook?

During his successful campaign for President in 2008, Barack Obama used the internet with great innovation and creativity. He may have lost some of that momentum during his first two years in office, but his administration is bringing back his old playbook – and adding some new twists – for tonight’s State of the Union address. Here’s what is taking place:

Before the Speech:

  • A Special State of the Union website has been added to the White House site.
  • People can sign-up for email updates from President and senior officials.
  • White House senior advisor David Plouffe sent an e-mail to supporters asking them to take part in SOTU activities.


  • As in the past, the speech will be streamed live online. However, this year’s online stream will be accompanied by charts, graphs and other materials from the speech.
  • After the speech, White House policy experts will answer questions online from the public.


  • Before Press Secretary Robert Gibbs holds his post-State of the Union press briefing, he will answer questions from the public on Twitter.



  • Vice President Biden will answer questions on Yahoo.

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